The Importance of a Sense of Humour

27 February 2024

Indexing textbooks for funerary professionals comes with its own peculiar set of challenges (especially when dealing with the before photos), but it’s helpful when the authors have a sense of humour. To wit,

Supercilium (eyebrows). As mentioned, cilia means “lashes” or “eyebrows,” and of course “super” implies they were bitten by a spider or exposed to radioactivity and now don a costume to fight crime.

This was all the funnier in combination with the authors’ reference elsewhere to “Cadaverine: the undead Wolverine’s alter-ego” and their description of the sphenoid bone (“the name is Latin for ‘bat-like,’ and, as the diagram shows, is indeed shaped like a bat. Imagine the Romans projecting that into the night sky to summon their favorite crime fighter.”).

For more dad jokes, see Creating Natural Form by Benjamin Schmidt, Sean Sweetman, and Briana Garcia.